Find the Perfect Ceramic Floor Tile Patterns for Your Home

Plan Your Ceramic Floor Tile Patterns
One of the major selling points of ceramic tiles is the wide range of patterns that are possible. Ceramic flooring tiles are available in a wide range of tile designs, sizes and colors. The tiles provide much of the base for the overall pattern of the floor, but the way that the tiles are situated can have a huge impact on the look of the floor as well. This is why it is important to choose the right tiles for the flooring project while also taking the time necessary to plot the best layout for the desired pattern.
With a little extra planning, any ceramic tile flooring project can turn into a beautiful and functional work of art in the home. Choosing the right type of tile layout will amplify the look of the tiles and increase the overall enjoyment of the floor.
Common Ceramic Floor Tile Patterns
Some of the more popular types of tile patterns include the following:
  • Straight Lay – the easiest type of layout which is perfect for do-it-yourself installations. This is a straightforward tile pattern using tiles of the same size. It displays the beauty of the tile in a simple way. Tiles can also be offset to create a pattern similar to bricks.
  • Diagonal Lay – similar to the straight lay pattern but tiles are placed at a 45 degree angle. Tiles in this pattern can help make the room appear larger.
  • Checkerboard – Tiles of equal size alternate in colors to recreate the look of a checkerboard. This pattern may use the straight lay or the diagonal lay to create different looks in the room.
Other types of tile patterns involve the use of different size tiles to produce interesting and thoughtful floor designs. These patterns provide the opportunity to tie the floor design in with the existing décor or to create a design that stands apart from the rest of the room. The possibilities are virtually endless and homeowners are free to choose patterns that work to convey their unique sense of style.
Classic Beauty and Durability
Ceramic tile flooring is an excellent choice for any room in the home. It provides long lasting beauty and elegance that can be enjoyed for many years. The cost of most ceramic tiles is relatively affordable and installing ceramic flooring tiles is an investment that will help to increase enjoyment and resale value of the home.
Ceramic floor tiles are often glazed to provide a scratch resistant finish that keeps the tiles looking newer longer. Glazed tiles provide excellent water resistance as well, which is very beneficial in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.
It is important to choose a ceramic floor tile pattern which will remain in style and be loved for a long time. Some of the patterns available may fall out of fashion within a few years; choosing a timeless pattern will ensure maximum enjoyment for the full lifespan of the floor tiles.
Take the time to find and plan the best ceramic floor tile patterns for your home. Talk to a reputable ceramic floor tile distributor today.